MovieStarPlanet: Fame, Fortune and Friends

moviestarplanet (the one that we want)
Words by Humairaa Shafiq and Tara Mumtaz (7G)

MovieStarPlanet is a social game for everyone and anyone. It is very entertaining. Many people play it and enjoy it. It’s all about having fun, being social and doing what YOU want!
What we think is especially good about MovieStarPlanet is that you can meet new friends and play at being famous. On MovieStarPlanet you can buy clothes with StarCoins. StarCoins are great because you can buy other movie stars Wishys. Wishys are things that people on MovieStarPlanet really want to have. With StarCoins you can also buy virtual pets to take care of.
A special thing about MovieStarPlanet is the VIP option. By signing up to it you receive extra freedom, such as going into chatrooms to talk to other players. You also get treasure, such as diamonds, LOADS of StarCoins and extra fame!

Game rating: ****


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